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Bintech manufactures:

* BI-2000 Direct mount level sensor approved for AUS Ex Zone 0

* BI-1030 Indicator remote display unit approved AUS Ex Zone 1

* BI-1240 Power supply and indicator for safe area use

* BI-ARV Level sensors for diesel, chemical and other liquid tanks

* BI-4000 Overfill alarms for IS and non-IS applications

* SDS Sensor Drive Satellite systems for tank level monitoring in remote areas

* SDR Sensor Drive Radio systems for tank level monitoring using mid-range communication links

Our LPG tank gauging system comprising BI-2000, BI-1030
and BI-1240 is industry standard for the major oil companies –
BP, Mobil, Shell, Woolworths, Kleenheat, etc. Bintech completed a
project for BP with 106 systems supplied when they upgraded
their sites.

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