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IFS have been involved in numerous projects covering complete Back Up Diesel Generator Systems and Remote Mine Site Fuel Farms all of which and more we have the capability to provide to our current and future clients.

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“ Complete Solutions”

Perth Police Complex

IFS Projects Supplied, Installed and Commissioned at the Perth Police Complex as shown in the pictures below one of many back up diesel generator facility.

Powering Barrow Island Gorgon Project

IFS Projects were commissioned to develop a failsafe fuel delivery system for powering gensets on Barrow Island Gorgon Project. The 65kl master tank cabinet was used to house a custom built, skid mounted gravity feed circuit.
The skid consisted of:
1000 litre/minute master tank loading pump
5000 litre custom built double skinned gravity tank
Primary Bennett positive displacement pump capable of pumping in excess of one million liters per annum
a Standby positive displacement pump capable of pumping in excess of one million liters per annum designed to automatically commence work should the primary pump fail.

Elizabeth Quay Project Jetty Refuelling System

IFS Projects We were engaged to install a two phase upgrade to the existing Jetty refuelling system to enable the Elizabeth Quay.
The inlet to be cut into the existing main jetty fuel supply line without disruption to ferry refuelling schedules covering manufacture, installation commissioning and decommissioned in an environmentally sensitive area
All works carried out:Underground storage tank to be installed
New double contained pipe system
Submersible Turbine Pump installation
Pressure line leak detection, sump and turret leak sensors
Full testing, calibration and commissioning
High volume. Automatic tank gauging system with remote accessibility
Additional ferry refuelling cabinet/metering system


Caltex Karratha Truck Stop

IFS Projects were engaged to conduct the installation of an unmanned truck refuelling service station in the LIA at Karratha complete with protective Armco railing and bollards.
The system required two 110kl Self Bunded Tanks (S.B.T) with a siphon bridge connection and twin 2hp Submersible Pumps (S.T.P) for the supply of fuel to the forecourt Dispensers.
The system was to be fully double contained and fully automated payment point (O.P.T).
The site required a remote offload/loading pump for filling the S.B.T’s and for filling road tankers via the bulk fuel load arm.



EII Tug Pen Upgrade

IFS Projects Practical completion certificate was signed off  bringing the new facility on line within project time, on budget and without incident.
Before and After shots.


Caltex Tom Price Unmanned SBT

IFS Projects The system comprised of a 110kl tank Self Bunded Tank , Dual Hose feeds (high flow), Adblue.
Solar Power, Diesel Powered Back Up generator “Direct feed”.
Outdoor Payment Terminal and Remote Monitored fully functional unmanned facility.

Filtration Design, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning

 IFS Projects recently complete (2) turnkey Design, Fabrication, Installation & Commissioning packages for one of our major clients.
The project was completed On time, On Budget and Without Incident.
The project conception was achieved providing safe and ergonomic operation of filter change outs and monitoring.

Loading Arm and Filtration Skid

IFS Projects Designed, Fabricated, Assembled and FAT tested this skid system ready for site installation which IFS will be undertaking once the clients site is ready.

IFS. Complete solutions for sales, design, installation, service and maintenance.