Banlaw Products

Banlaw refuelling products have provided
users with industry-leading flow rates,
durability, and operator safety for
almost 40 years.
Their Dry Break refuelling equipment are the
most reliable on the market

Dry Break

Banlaw refuelling nozzles offer the highest
reliable flow rate capability, and have a proven
safety record.
The dependable ball locking mechanism
ensures our nozzles cannot ‘fly off’, and Dry
Break design minimises leaks and spills.
Their nozzles are of all-metal construction
which dramatically extends their
serviceable life.
A global network of Authorised Nozzle
Repairers means timely and cost-efficient
repair and refurbishment services are always
close at hand, ensuring superior total cost
of ownership.

800 Series Nozzle
The 800 Series refuelling nozzles are the
natural choice for most high flow, industrial
diesel filling applications.
They incorporate automatic shut-off
functionality when installed with correctly
matched receivers and tank vents, and
are suitable for use with diesel fuel and
similar fluids.
The 800 Series connects with the most
commonly encountered Dry Break receiver
size. It is therefore completely interchangeable
with other equipment brands, simplifying the
process of upgrading to a Banlaw solution

1000 Series Nozzle
The 1000 Series refuelling nozzles allow your
equipment filling speeds to be maximised.
Considered to be the pinnacle in Dry Break,
automatic shut-off hardware, these
durable nozzles allow fuelling process
times to be reduced, enabling significant
productivity gains.

Underground Nozzle
Specifically-designed for underground
refuelling of diesel-powered machines,
the Underground Nozzle is Dry Break,
offers improved dispensing rates, and is
manufactured without aluminium, for use in
coal mines.
Their Underground Nozzle prevents water,
mud, and dust from entering fuel tanks, thus
reducing engine failures. It supports flow rates
of up to 300lpm.
The Underground Nozzle can be configured
on site, with variable shutoff pressure settings.


Dry Break

Banlaw Dry Break Receivers deliver industry
leading performance, safety & durability.
They offer a variety of Dry Break receiver
configurations to suit various applications,
including their 23 series which is compatible
with refuelling nozzles supplied by
other OEM’s.
Their receivers are manufactured from the
highest quality materials, including stainless
steel, to ensure they withstand harsh everyday
treatment. This makes them less-prone to
snapping-off or leaking than receivers made
from softer materials.

Check Valve Receiver
The Check Valve Receiver integrates fuel
security along with Dry Break functionality.
It prevents unwanted fuel drainage from the
tank which stops theft, and allows for the
receiver front-end to be replaced without
having to drain the tank first. This saves
time on scheduled maintenance, and money
because only the worn part is replaced.

Banlaw Receiver Shells allow for Dry Break
receivers to be recessed into the fuel tank.
This prevents receiver damage from
impact, avoiding associated costs and
environmental concerns.
Their range of Receiver Shells are compatible
with all Banlaw receiver sizes and other OEM
receivers as well.

All Banlaw filtered and unfiltered tank vents
include a float valve shutoff for automatic
refuelling shut-off systems.
They are designed to allow air to be released
from the fuel tank rapidly during highspeed
refuelling processes, whilst avoiding
premature nozzle shut-off, along with fuel
spills and sprays.
Banlaw vents are available in unfiltered,
filtered, and ultra-fine filtered variants.

Banlaw’s swivel range encompasses both Dry
Break and Splash Fill refuelling applications.
Swivels are installed directly behind the
nozzle to aid simplicity and ergonomics
when refuelling your equipment. They
also help prolong the life of other
refuelling components.
They manufacture their Dry Break Swivels
from steel, and also produce a lightweight
anodised-aluminium version.

Break Away

Banlaw’s Break Away Valves are designed to
fracture when a specific amount of lateral
stress is applied.
This means that should a vehicle drive-away
during refuelling, the valve assembly will
separate into two Dry Break components.
These Dry Break components will prevent
fuel from spilling from either the delivery
line, or the hose which is still connected to
the vehicle.

Fluid Transfer
Banlaw LubeCentralTM products are a selection
of fluid transfer couplings designed for
industrial environments.
They feature exceptional durability, flow rate
capability, and are known for their ability to
avoid liquid contamination and spillage.

Banlaw’s Classic range of couplings has
been proven in some of the world’s harshest
environments for decades.
Today the classic range is still relevant, and
used by many organisations that require
high flow rates, cross-compatibility, and also
premium manufacture quality.
A unique coupling is provided for each
oil, grease or coolant type, eliminating the
possibility of cross-contamination.

Flush Face
Their Flush Face range of couplings are designed
to fill and evacuate a wide range of fluids with
maximum efficiency.
They contain a superior ‘ball-lock’ latching
system for a stronger lock connection, Dry
Break design for reduced spills, and are
Flush Faced to minimise the particulate
contaminants which make it into the
fluid path.
Each set of couplings are colour coded to
assist the operator in identifying matched
fittings, and only same-coloured nozzles and
receivers can connect, eliminating fluid cross contamination.
Sound engineering design focused on the
internal fluid path mean the Banlaw Flush
Face Range of couplings have a higher
flow capability, and allow for more efficient
service intervals.

Banlaw Evacuation Couplings reduce machine
servicing times by using a vacuum to remove
waste fluids, rather than gravity.
Using just one coupling, service teams can
connect to all the Banlaw Flush Face Receivers
from size 1 to size 11.
Banlaw Evacuation Couplings feature a
fluid-tight connection which prevents spills
during fluid removal, as well as a check valve
to ensure waste products cannot be pumped
back into your machines.

Bulk Fluid Transfer
Their Bulk Fluid Transfer Coupling are designed
for the bi-directional transfer of diesel at
up to 500lpm.
Originally designed for in-line refuelling during
long haul rail trips, the coupling will not leak
under load and vibration.
It includes a positive twist-lock mechanism,
so that when it’s correctly connected, it
stays connected.
The Bulk Fluid Transfer Coupling can be
connected and disconnected under residual
line pressure.

Grease Transfer
The Banlaw Grease Transfer Coupling is safe,
fast, and easy-to-use.
Flush-faced design and a positive-connect
feel mitigate the risk of common
grease-related injuries.
The GTX also offers superior grease
transfer rates when compared with
competitor products.

Overfill Protection
Banlaw FillSafeTM overfill protection systems
ensure safe, fast, reliable filling, with zero
pressure build-up in the tank.
Banlaw manufacture both mechanical and
electronic solutions for tank overfill protection,
catering to storage tanks and diesel-powered
machines of all sizes.

FillSafe Power
Banlaw’s electronic tank overfill protection system
is totally unrestricted by flow rate, and suitable
for use with many fluid types.
It is considered the go-to solution for mining
excavators and railway locomotives, but is also
perfect for other critical equipment where
very high flow rates, fire-safe installation, and
integrated failsafe functionality are a priority.

Level Switch
Custom Level Switches are available to
support top and side mount applications,
as well as multiple pre-set float levels.

FillSafe Zero
Banlaw’s mechanical tank overfill protection system
enables safe, high-speed diesel refuelling, and
is cost-efficient to install on a wide range of
vehicles, and stationary tanks.
Product variants are available that fit directly
into a 2” shell, refuel up to 1000lpm, include
a Dry Break Receiver, or are provided with
process connections for in-line deployment.

Fuel Management
Banlaw are the only OEM to manufacture a
complete fuel management solution including
Auto ID refuelling hardware, fixed or mobile
site Controllers, and enterprise-class Resource
Management Software.
Banlaw Fuel Management customers
secure, monitor, transfer and dispense over
1,000,000,000 litres per month with accuracy
levels >99.5%.